RS Brief news Tax inspector and taxpayer will meet on the Internet

Tax inspector and taxpayer will meet on the Internet

The online-service My Account, was introduced by the Russian tax office at the end of 2009. By filling in the individual taxpayer identification number the citizen could learn about personal income tax debts, property tax debts and even generate a relevant payment order.

At the outset of 2011 the tax office further increased the functionality of the service. From now on the taxpayer will be able to learn about accrued taxes, payment history, benefits and individual property. Citizens, who have access to Internet banking accounts, will be able to pay taxes via My Account service. In order to use it one will have to acquire a digital signature or get a username and a password from the tax inspection to access the service. Tax authorities believe that My Account service would contribute to downsizing tax debts. The tax office plans to reduce the total debt by 200 billion rubles until the end of 2011. The service can also be quite useful for taxpayers since it allows them to get information from one’s personal tax account within a few seconds from any part of the world.