RS Brief news The metropolitan region gains roads

The metropolitan region gains roads

The Moscow authorities plan to build more than 300 km of roads in the next two years, and the larger part of this plan (252 km) will be put in operation in the megapolis’ territory, not in the territory of so-called New Moscow. That said, the Government of the capital city plans to spend on road building a record-breaking amount of 272.6 bln rubles proceeding from the fact that not only roads will be built, but also pedestrian underpasses, skyways, tunnels, transportation and interchange junctions and other facilities of the road and roadside infrastructure.

All these measures, according to the government of the capital city, will allow decreasing the traffic stress level in Moscow, making use of the transport infrastructure and municipal transport convenient, comfortable and safe. For the business it is also important that, apart from the transport infrastructure and parking spaces, the project provides for the creation of commercial areas within transportation and interchange junctions. A special priority will be given to organizations providing related services to commuters. Authorities are ready to consider various proposals as to the investment component of the projects in the interchange junction net development. RS