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In our opinion

Expert examination of tax liabilities to the budget and insurance premiums in off-budget funds

December 2013

expert Filing annual tax returns and accounting reports is mandatory for all companies and individual entrepreneurs operating in the Russian Federation. Moreover, even if financial and economic activity wasn't carried out within the year, it is necessary to submit a "zero" report to the Federal Tax Service Inspectorate (IFTS), the Federal State Statistics Service and to off-budget funds.

Setting up a business in Russia. Where to start?

September 2013

chess To set up your own business in Russia, you must first register with the tax authorities. This is something you need to do regardless of whether you intend to carry out your activity as an organization or on your own. It is nonetheless very important to make the right decision when it comes to the form your business is going to take. As for the subtle nuances that need to be taken into account - read on.

Should you buy a turnkey business in Russia?

June 2013

basket Even though the Russian tax authorities are constantly hard at work trying to streamline and automate the process of registering new businesses, getting state registration for a new company still remains a major hassle. Especially for someone doing it for the first time: it’s one hidden catch after another. And if you happen to be a foreigner who’s not particularly proficient in Russian and who’s accustomed to the simple business registration procedures found in Europe, then buying a turnkey business in Russia sounds like the most natural course of action. And such services are actually on offer, just google for it and you’ll find a couple dozen offers. However, how safe is this option?