RS Market breakdown

Market breakdown

Trump Made His Choice

December 2013

construction The world famous American multi-billionaire Donald Trump declared his desire to build an office center in Russia. Moreover, and by analogy, on par with the well known Trump Tower, in New York City. A very revealing intention, which demonstrates the prospects for the construction business in Russia.

Investing in Russian agriculture: where there's a will there's a way

September 2013

cow In August it will have been a year since Russia became a member of the World Trade Organization, after spending 18 years striving to attain member status. Despite its long preparation period and the country's strong desire to become a member of the WTO, only a handful of sectors have been able to derive a benefit thus far. The majority of the key sectors of Russia's economy are faring badly and only seem to be getting worse, and the biggest victim turned out to be agriculture, in which the constraints were removed in one go, rather than gradually.

Domestic and communal services in Russia. Growth in the sector is being hindered by corruption and depreciation in the major funds

September 2013

pipe Domestic and communal services is an area that has shown stability in terms of demand for services, and whilst this is important to investors, it does not amount to a guarantee that they will make a return on their investment. In order for good returns on investment to be made in the sector, cost savings must be made in the use of infrastructure. This means that equipment and networks must be modernized, within the fixed maximum rate.

The Russian electric power industry: still in transition

June 2013

power The Russian electric power industry today is a state monopoly that still remains a high risk investment. Analysts concur that there is just too much uncertainty. The government is hell-bent on micromanaging everything, totally negating all the achievements of the reform of RAO UES of Russia that completed in 2008.