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Our nearest neighbors

Employment of foreign nationals in Ukraine

March 2012

Recent years have seen a sustained growth in the number of foreign nationals seeking employment in Ukraine. Thus, for example, in the Lviv region alone, 289 work permits were issued to foreign nationals in 2010 and in 2011 this number went up to 473. The main cause of this trend is that Ukraine has become a significantly friendlier place for foreign investments and consequently foreign investors as well as local entrepreneurs are seeking to employ foreign talent to ensure high quality of management. In addition, it is also expected that the Euro 2012 soccer championship will make Ukraine even more attractive to foreign investors.

Azerbaijan’s integration into international economy

December 2011

The economic position of today's Azerbaijan on the international scene is generally determined by its oil and gas resources, its technical manufacturing progress related to the oil and gas resources and the newly developing tourism sector. The country’s comparative advantages and business successes are less dependent on a simple combination of the factors of production and more related to the applied knowledge and management skills. Its openness to foreign trade has helped to increase competition within the country, along with attracting greater capital inflows.

Investment climate in Kazakhstan

August 2011

Kazakhstan is the most stable country in the Central Asia and a regional leader in terms of social and economic development. The 2010 Global Economic Forum rated Kazakhstan 72nd of the 139 most competitive countries in the world. This relatively high international rating warrants a closer look at the country’s investment climate.

Residence Permit for Foreign Investors in Latvia

June 2011

In July 2010 new amendments to the Latvian Immigration Law came into effect, which significantly change the legal rules regulating the procedure that foreigners must follow when entering Latvia. As a result of the amendments Latvia has become a lot more attractive to foreign investors as the new amendments have significantly expanded the grounds for getting a temporary residence permit and reduced the amount of red tape that must be dealt with to obtain entry.

Tax Code for Ukraine

March 2011

At the beginning of 2011 Ukrainian tax payers got a present; a new Tax Code which came into effect on January 1st, replacing 17 tax laws. The introduction of this Tax Code brought about significant changes in Ukraine’s taxation system, which includes two types of taxes: national taxes that go to the total budget of the country and local taxes.