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RS poll

RS poll: 26% of respondents think that Moscow will become a financial centre in 5 years

June 2012

Moscow did not crack the top 10 amongst international cities in the global financial centres index (the ranking is conducted yearly by the consulting company Z/Yen Group). It is worth noting that Russia slipped to 65th from 61st (from the previous ranking). Based on that one can freely say that the efforts of federal and Moscow government officials in the context of implementing the ambitious plan “Moscow—leading international financial centre” have not been particularly effective.

RS’s poll – 60 % for privatisation

March 2012

60 % of the people who participated in RS’s online poll said they would be interested in participating in a new stage of privatisation in Russia. It should be reminded here that in early August Russia’s First Deputy Minister Igor Shuvalov presented a report demonstrating that the Russian government was prepared to sell its stakes in Russia’s largest companies.

What can you invest in apart from oil and natural gas

December 2011

Russian Survey has carried out another survey to find out which sectors of the Russian economy are most popular among prospective investors and which are least popular. We asked visitors to our web page to answer the question, ‘Which sector of the Russian economy would you be willing to invest in apart from fuel and energy?’ The results were as follows. Manufacturing came out on top with almost 15% of the votes. The second place was divided between food and hospitality, each of which got 10.5%. Construction was in third place with 8.8% of the votes. This was hardly surprising as the prices of real property in Russia are breaking all records. Investors also expressed interest in metal processing and telecoms, which got 7.9% each. Note that our independent expert believes that these two sectors are most promising in terms of investment opportunities (read the Expert Opinion below). And the least popular industries in our survey were textiles and catering.

Corruption leading the RS poll

August 2011

According to the results of a reader poll on the RS website, the most critical problem standing in the way of attracting foreign investments in the Russian economy is commonly believed to be corruption. It has been described at the chief concern by 30% of the respondents taking part in the poll.
Inefficient government bureaucracy came second with 19% votes naming it among the principal problems. Such factors as access to financing and the weakness of the law enforcement system proved to be ‘level on points’ with 11% of votes each, the national taxation policy and the general lack of political stability came slightly behind with 9% of votes.