RS RS poll Corruption leading the RS poll

Corruption leading the RS poll

According to the results of a reader poll on the RS website, the most critical problem standing in the way of attracting foreign investments in the Russian economy is commonly believed to be corruption. It has been described at the chief concern by 30% of the respondents taking part in the poll.*

Inefficient government bureaucracy came second with 19% votes naming it among the principal problems. Such factors as access to financing and the weakness of the law enforcement system proved to be ‘level on points’ with 11% of votes each, the national taxation policy and the general lack of political stability came slightly behind with 9% of votes.

Among the least important problems named were the current tax rates and currency exchange regulation, which received 7% and 4% respectively.

It is, however, worthy of note that the above named problems cannot force investors to leave the Russian market. You will find more about this in the article ‘Russia is still attractive to investors’.

Which sectors of economy stand a better chance to benefit from investments? This is what the next opinion poll on the RS website is about: ‘If not the oil and gas sector, what else then? In which sector of the Russian economy would you be prepared to invest.’

* Information is current at the time of printing